Job recruitment at HMO Lagos (Ikeja) Nigeria 2013

Job Information

Banking & Finance
Lagos (Ikeja)
Full Time
₦150,000 per month
Aug 24, 2013
Oct 23, 2013

KGC Intl
Mode of Operation (MOO)


Keeylinks Golden Concept is a Health & Wealth Organization committed to the total wellbeing of Nigerians. We are a team of young experts offering health & wealth services as well as nutritional consultation. We believe as God intended and stated, that ’food should be our medicine, and medicine our food’. Our mission in partnering with you is to ultimately achieve this. Our clients include Churches, Oil companies, Banks, NGOS, Govt Institutions, Organizations, Associations, Mosques, Unions, etc.
We currently have a contract with Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM) to immediately attend to 3,000 worshippers at FESTAC this month and subsequently all branches in the South-West through the year.
You could be a part of this if you accept to join us before Tuesday (13/08/2013). Once you do, you could be posted anywhere in Nigeria as we eventually intend to cover the entire country.
NB: The above information is given in utmost confidentiality.
We reckon with the popular saying that ‘If tomorrow’s Doctors fail to be today’s Nutritionists, today’s Nutritionists will be tomorrow’s Doctors’.
KGC HEALTH: Here are our major health services;

Health & wealth presentations (monthly)
Quantum reference examination (33 body organ test)
Dietary Solutions (DS).

KGC WEALTH: We partner with Rare Wood Bridge LTD to create and execute wealth/business opportunities exclusively to all our Health Clients & partner (like you). Opportunities like in the Telecoms Sector with our target market of over 80 million people.

It is wise to note that most our applicants are not Health inclined, so we partner with Health Bodies for training & licensing. There is therefore a compulsory ‘Free Kit Training & Licensing’ for all aspiring staff/partners.
The Training is FREE while the License will cost N8.500. It covers you to practice as a nutritionist/care giver in Nigeria, in Ghana & in S.A. It is issued by our multinational partners and backed by World Health Organisation. There is also room for smart people to benefit more via calculated investment, make over 150% ROI every 30 days.
As a Care Giver, you will be attending to our new and existing clients and will earn a minimum of N120,000. After 40 days on the job, we assign people to you to train, once we do so, you will be paid N53, 000 that month. This is as a result of our Chain Operating System (COS).
Recent research from WHO, CDC and Fed Ministry of Health shows that 93% of Nigerians (>140 million) eat carbohydrate based diet instead of a nutrient-rich balanced diet, giving birth to a diabetic society. The research also shows that deaths from Diabetes alone will rise by 44% yearly and that one disease alone, Cancer, in the next 10 years, 15 million people each year, will perish as a result of one disease (Cancer).
We are therefore, a group of well trained young graduates whose mission is to stop the above from occurring in Nigeria and make money for ourselves & others in the process. We cannot do this alone therefore we need a strong chain of at least 6 million like-minded Nigerian youths to reach the entire nation.
Activate your potential & experience financial liberty as you build treasures for yourself on earth and also in heaven .
Send in your Acceptance Letter via mail and call within the next 3 working days to seal your appointment.


NB: jobs that require an up-front payment are scams. Your discretion is advised.

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